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Publishing & Packaging Legibility over trendiness, content over design, concept over experimentation. We love books. We want to sell books. We will give your project the attention it deserves from a reader's and an artist's point of view.

"It begins and ends with reading."

— Cheryl Hanna, Images & Illuminations

 Featured Publishing Project: Series Book Covers for Holmes & Meier, Publishers

Theater A play requires a very dynamic approach to visual presentation. We look to exploit the unique appeal of each production, carefully reading, honing concepts and working with our producers, directors and playwrights at every step of the journey to realization.

"We needed a design studio that understood how to bring plays to life. Images & Illuminations has delivered time and time again with original ideas and new approaches. What I enjoy is the exchange of ideas in the conceptual stage. They really listen."

— Marjorie Moon, The Billie Holiday Theatre

 Featured Theater Project: Design for The Billie Holiday Theatre

Fine Arts We love designing for museums and galleries and it shows in our work.

"Working with Cheryl Hanna and Geoffrey Jacques on my retrospective catalogue was a very pleasant experience. I was delighted with the results and felt they showed great skill and sensitivity in presenting my work and ideas — both in word and image."

— Lorenzo Pace, Artist

 Featured Fine Arts Project: Catalogue Design for Skylight Gallery

Education Youthful appealing designs, impeccable organization and mandated standards all combine in our textbook designs. We can work with your publishing house on several levels of responsibility, from design and editing to complete packaging — including illustration, photography and writing.

"We love what Images & Illuminations has done for us. They bring ideas and concepts to the table, they don't just execute them."

— Julia Shaw, Harlin Jacque Publications

 Featured Educational Project: Book Design for Harlin Jacque Publications

Web Your web presence requires the careful thought and conceptual preparation as well as artistic sensibilities combined with technical expertise. At Images & Illuminations, we never let the technical interest overwhelm the human interest or allow content become secondary to glitz. From a one-page site to a giant web presence, we give each site individualized attention.

I easily recommend my webmaster. Her name is Cheryl Hanna. One of the things I like about her is she understands how a website should work for business and the public, and she is marketing savvy. Got a sense of humor too.

—Deborah Singletary, Vision Carriers

 Featured Web Project: Vision Carriers

We enjoy creating individual artists' sites. We don't take a cookie-cutter approach — every site is designed to reflect an artist's world.
— Cheryl Hanna, Images & Illuminations

 Featured Web Project: Original Artist: Carol Foy


Fine Arts

Web Development


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